Classmate Greetings                    

Below are some notes, along with any accompanying pictures, sent from classmates who are unable to attend.

Kathleen Campbell Rausenberger
Hi sorry we won't be able to come down from Vermont for the reunion. Hope you all have a great time.
Mary Wands Oliver (no picture)
Hi Judy - Our youngest son, Brandon 26, is finishing college in Portland OR after completing his Navy obligations.  His girlfriend's family is having a huge affair to celebrate their engagement.  It happens to be that weekend and like us, everyone is flying in for the party. I know I'll be missing a great time at the lots of pictures and have everyone there do a quick update on where they are and what they're up to.  Gosh...I'll miss seeing everyone. Thanks again Judy for all your hard work on this Reunion and please pass along a "hello" from me. Love ya girl , Mary
Hi everyone! Someone changed the time of "her" wedding so family first. We went to the wifes' this year and it was fun. Kudos to the hard working committee. Doug



  • Hello everyone! Thanks, Judy and the committee, for your herculean efforts. While I had hoped to attend The Reunion, Bill and I leave for a family gathering in Italy shortly thereafter. His cousins have just set the dates, and the trip from FL to NJ, is too much to juggle right before we leave. However, I hope there will be pictures and updates to share. In the interim, I'll have to rely on Ellen to be my eyes and ears!
  • Jay Prosser
    Hey Judy, I will not be able to attend, as my family and I will be somewhere between Austria and Germany. Hope all have a wonderful time.

    Sorry I will not be able to attend the reunion. We have so many irons in the fire, that traveling to N.J. just is not possible at that time. Our Daughter Laura will be getting married and we have to plan for that, and etc..
    I really would love to have access to pictures and what eveyone has been up to all these years. Perhaps you will have a website exclusively about the reunion:)Will be thinking about you all, hope it is a success, Carol :)




    Max Goldensohn Judy, thanks for your note. Unfortunately, I am in Tajikistan and will not
    be back in time for the reuion. I am very sorry to miss the event. Please greet all old friends for me. best,






    Dear Terry, Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the reunion, but wanted to thank you and Judy for making time in your busy lives to look after all the arrangements. What a fun assignment! I certainly enjoyed all of the photos on the Web Page - "seems like only yesterday". Naturally since I haven't seen anyone from High School, or been in Tenafly in more than 40 years, I remain in the 60's time warp all the time in all those memories. Cheers and hugs to everyone! I hope life has brought you much joy and happiness.


  • Terry, Unfortunately I will not be attending due to unforseen circumstances. I e-mailed Judy with that info a few days ago. Wishing you the best time....I'll be missing seeing all of you.    Jo Ann Perry (Fedorisko)

    Not gonna make it up there....Would have loved to see everyone. Anyone reading this please tell everyone I said hello, and if they come to the Tampa Bay area of Florida look me up and visit. Gerrie Auger Stanhope

    Judy, I'm so sorry not to have been in touch for the THS 50th reunion. I would love to be there. I will have to be there in spirit, however. I look forward to lots of photos being on FB after this weekend. Go Tigers and have a wonderful reunion! Love to all!